The UNSC shadow layer

the UNSC Shadow Layer

the UNSC shadow layer is a UNSC frigate.she served in many battles and serpassed them all. shadow layer was also headship in naval blocade. First deployment:the shadow layers first mission was to destroy a Covenant blocade that was in orbit of the rukt system, home of the aincent der't. the mission seemed easy, only this mission was in 2527. the headship of naval blocade was a UNSC frigate, UNSC fireball, not the shadow layer, whose captain was anthony tony jr. when the blocade reached the planet, the blocade was the , death trap., a very powerful covenant blocade.luckily, it was only 50% of the blocade. the mission was a very big success. the navals only lost 3 ships: the die hard, the pennslyvania, and the fireball. third deployment:the shadow layer was ranked headship of naval blocade, after the destruction of UNSC fireball.the third deployment of shadow layer was to engage a capital blocade of the covenant forces, noboctile acquantince.this mission was going to be very hard because of the numbers of the the two blocades. naval blocade had [at the time] 5 ships, noboctile acquantince had 11 ships.lord hood, was on a UNSC destroyer, 'covey" killer.the navals lost 2 ships:UNSC gravity slammer, and an unknown destroyer. fifth deployment:the naval blocade gained 5 ships.the shadow layers fifth mission was the most important mission so far. the fifth deployment was to destroy the covenant space station, unyielding heirophant, but due to the fact of large amounts of covenant spacecraft near the station, the attack was changed to a UNSC medic station that was taken over by the covenant and turned into a war supply station and mini space station.destroying this would definitly turn the tide of the war. the UNSC savannah volentered to give extra support on this heck of a mission.when the blocade reached the station, they were surprised to see the noboctile acquantince gaurding the station.the blocades opened fire at the same time, the battlle began.the mission was going succesfully and the navals only lost one ship so far! but thought to soon, 25% of the remaining blocade, death trap, came out of slipspace and opened fire on the navals from behind.naval blocade lost 6-7 ships almost instantly. at the last minute, the UNSC spirit of fire, came to holdoff the death trap while the naval blocade split into two groups: the shadow layer and savannah destroy the station while the other three ships engage the rest of the starting blocade. soon, shadow layer managed to destroy the station while the last remains of covenant destroyer were being dominated by the spirit of fire. naval blocade lost 8 out 12 ships in that attack. sixth deployment:navals gained 1 ship for the next mission. it wont be enough. shadow layers sixth mission was a suiside like mission.the naval blocade had to destroy the covenants capital:high charity.the UNSC Iron flame aided the blocde.the navals reached the station to find a small covenant strike force leaving the station (probally planning a first move tagback on the UNSC) consisting of 7 covenant ships.the navals engaged.a few minutes later it was down 5 to 5. navals lost one and the strike team lost 2.the battle kept going. after about 5-7 minutes, a covenant supercarrier (the dentonator) glassed the wing of a UNSC detroyer, metal pecker, sending it fling straight into the shadow layer, were the famous frigate met her end. she crashed into the remote plant delvt. "FALL BACK!" anthony tony jr.s last order to naval blocade.