UNSC savannah

UNSC Savannah

The UNSC Savannah was a UNSC frigate. Not many information is known about her accept a few battles. 1. The UNSC Savannah volentered to aid the Naval Blocade when they were sent to destroy a UNSC battle station that was taken over by the covenant and turned into a war supply station and mini space station. 2.Destruction: The Savannah was given an assignment to hold off a covenant corvette, over the planet Reach, while two members of Noble team bourded it and planted a slipspace bomb and send the corvette on a refuiling track to a covenant supercarrier, Long Night Of Solice. While in the process, the corvette finnally decided to end the frigate, the corvette quickly began to fire high defected plasma bombs, destroying the frigate almost instantly. "The UNSC Savannah will be remembered by the UNSC, and by truth, we will avenge the fallen who were on the UNSC Savannah when it was destroyed." -lord hood on the 'covey killer"
UNSC savannah under fire

The UNSC Savannah fires at a corvette