UNSC dawn after dark

UNSC Dawn After Dark

The UNSC Dawn After Dark is the headship of Auto blocade and destroyed the covenant corvette, the silent heart. The frigate was surprisingly fast and had extra guns and firepower than an average frigate does. The Dawn After Dark was destroyed in 2551 and was in the orbit of the rukt system when it was destroyed. After the first deployment to destroy the covenant base, minnyari, the frigate and its blocade were pushed back by the covenant defense-line, causing the the UNSC to create a new plan to destroy the base. The plan was to create a diversion with 3 ships of the blocade: The UNSC time killer, UNSC firebomb, and the UNSC independence. 2 of the blocades ships were to keep a distance from the base to make sure covenant patrol units didnt come out of slipspace to give the base fire supports. The other 2 ships had to take an offensive hit and go behind the base to bomb it: The UNSC Cry of the Lion, and the UNSC Dawn After Dark. The mission was a sucess, but the blocade lost 3-8 ships; UNSC Firebomb, UNSC [unknown], and the UNSC Cry of the Lion. The third mission was the opperation:Takedown; a tagback forced in by the UNSC. The opperation was tested on a covenant stealth corvette. The test was a big sucess. The blocade then focused on the real target, the covenant corvette, Silent Heart. The blocade launched every bomb, missile, ect. that they had to slow down the ship. Once they had taken out the corvettes shields, the blocade launched out 50% of the longswords that they had. The Longswords began to create a path right to the core of the corvette, making it easy to destroy the ship. The opperation was a big success. The Longswords made the mission easy. The blocade had to take orbit of the rukt system, because the UNSC discovered that the covenant was going to invade the planet. When the blocade death trap arrived to the planet, they opened fire as soon as the ships were in range. The UNSC Dawn After Dark was the first ship to be destroyed. It crashed into the planet about 10 minutes later.