Red team was a highly advancing team of ODST that were very trusted by Lord Hood. Red team was slowly losing members to fast for them to be replaced. The team was finnaly destroyed in 2552 on the UNSC anthony jr.

early years in the teamEdit

Red team was taken from many different UNSC companies and home ship was the UNSC "covey" killer of Naval blocade. Many ODST soliders were part of the team. Thier first mission was to infiltrate the UNSC destroyer that had been taken over by the covenant. It wasnt easy getting abourd it, the guns were firing like never before and there were covenant fighters gaurding the hanger doors. Using only pelicans to get to their destination, red team switched to plan "B", and used the "covey" killers arch cannons to blast a hole in the destroyer. It worked. The remaining 3 pelicans bourded the ship and set for the prison level to release marines that had survived. They soon started for the bridge. When the team and marines reached the bridge, they had to fight alot of covenant. About 10 minutes later, there were only two covenant left; an elite (Erag Sessay) and a grunt. They both surrendered. On the way to the pelicans, the grunt did something he shouldnt have done. He jumped in the air, grabbing a marines pistol and shot the 9th member of red team and about to shoot a marine. Aaron-V276, was killed.

The EndEdit

In 2550, red team was sent to negioate with the prophet of pity on Reegios. When the pelican landed in the ruins of Arboe city, a beast that was starving attacked the team, killing Chuck-S320, and fling off with Shiela-H150. An hour passed and the phantom the prophet was on finnaly landed. Two elites stepped out first and then Pity, after him, two more elites. Pity and the last two elites walked up to the team. Landon-Q555 went back to the pelican to take his sniper rifle and sit behind a rock incase the covenant pulls something. It was the team that did pull something. Joseph-N749 punched the prophet right in the face. The two elites by him went to attack, but Landon sniped one. But couldnt snipe the other. Henree-D593 was stabbed by the elites energy sword. Red team fled to the pelican, but only to have the injured Henree offer to stay and hold off the covenant. The team tried to pull him abourd, but somehow, Henree was to strong and broke free from their grasps. When the pelican doors shut, the whole team heard his last cry. Henree-D593, Chuck-S320,Shiela-H150 were all killed. ****not done****