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New halopedia is almost the same as halopedia only NOONE CAN BLOCK YOU WHEN YOU TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING! help me get AT LEAST 25-50% of the old halopedia to new halopedia by christmas. ps: jugus and other administraters, dont even DARE come here. this pedia is run by beast4012 ***we need to get more pictures and information on this wiki!!! *** any quistions about this wiki, ask beast4012 on his talk page. ***** this halopedia is not like the other halopedia on google, I dont say "press here to see soon projects on this wiki" you need to type in the secret code to see the soon projects!!! - beast4012; creater (and owner) of new halopedia.


  • ask beast4012 for promission to edit/create anything. * no administrators from the other halopedia come here * MUST sign up before doing anything (make account) * any member on new halopedia MUST do something on here in order to keep their account. do not OVEREXAGERATE on weapons, ships,ect. (any rules you break, you will be blocked, or even banned, depeneding on how many or how you break them)

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