Erag Sessay was a minor elite in the covenant empire.
Minor elite

Erag Sessay

birth 2520
death 2553
weapons energy sword, carbine,plasma rifle
skin color brown
eye color yellow
rank minor
eras insta. 00-all insta. battle of harvest, battle of earth

Erag Sessay was an elite minor in the covenant empire and faught in many battles. He survived ALL the installations and the battle of harvest. Wielding a covenant energy sword and covenant carbine, he killed many humen, flood, and other covenant warriors (such as brutes) But in 2547, he was captured by marines and put aboard the "covey" killer. After about a month, the covenant corvette, periscope, came to aid the captured elite from the UNSC ship. A covenant phantom boarded the destroyer, and began to fire at the marines in the hanger. 3 jackals and 2 elites managed to slip past the battle and into the prison level to free Erag. The periscope attacked the ship from the bottom so only a few turrents could shoot at them, they had a better advantage, and so the destroyer would hardly be damaged. (Unless the shields went down and the corvette started to fire plasma missiles) The covenant inside the "covey" killer managed to cut off the ships transmissions and power. Erag stepped out of his cell and killed the marine standing guard. He grabbed the corpes weapons (assault rifle and pistol) and then grabbed a dead elites energy sword that was half way down the hall from his cell. He shot 6 marines with the assault rifle and somehow, ran out of ammo. Forgetting about the pistol, he pulled out the energy sword and killed about 4 humen before getting shot in the shoulder. Erag had a plan. He dropped his sword and put his hands in the air. To surrender. 1 marine walked up to him, she had a battle rifle at the ready. Erag quickly kicked it out of her hands, breaking her left wrist, and had her in the choker hold, pistol by her head. He threatened to kill her unless they let him free. The captian of the squad, Andrew Morey, let him go through. The 6 marines stood by the wall, obeying their captian. When he got to the hanger, an elite and 2 jackals waited for him. Andrew told the elite to do his part of the deal: Let her go. Sessay pulled the trigger, killing the woman, and threw her by another marines feet. The remaining covenant got on the phantom and boarded the periscope. Later on, the battle of Harvest came and Erag Sessay was on the Corvette Derscoe. At first, the UNSC were winning, but the covenant started to destroy the marines, battle by battle. Soon, more covenant infantry were needed. Though, the ship master, Aryo Kiumee, knew that they had enough soliders because there were more elites than grunts. He instead, sent out 35 phantoms. Erag was on the 15th. When the phantoms were done unloading, the covenant were sent to patrol for marines. Erag and afew jackals and grunts were encountered by by 2 marines. One had a shotgun, the other had a flamethrower. A jackal got shot by the shotgun and both grunts set on fire. Sessay and the other jackal ducked for cover, right on time. He shot the ODST with the flame thrower. The jackal shot the other. Erag then contacted any covenant patrol units about the UNSC marines wandering and told them how a jackal and both grunts died in the fight. Aryo Kiumee told him to fall back to were the phantoms dropped him off. When they got to the landing zone the afterlife, a phantom, waited for them. Sessay and the jackal got abourd the phantom and departed to the Deriscoe. While on the way, an eagle attacked the phantom and almost shot Erag in the left arm. The Great Schism: When the Elites were swapped from honor gaurds, having brutes take their place, Elites were feruis, as was the prophet of Liberty, who relied on the Elites more than the brutes. Elites then declined missions and Liberty stopped going to council meeting. Erag was then called to the prophet of Pity for a secret meeting. Sessay was given a special task to assassinate the prophet of Liberty, claiming that Liberty said that he was happy that the Elites were rejected and replaced. Sessay went to Libertys quarters with his carbine and energy sword and killed the two brutes outside the door and walked in, sealing the door. Erag met Liberty, and two lekgolo, talking about what the council had done. Sessay pulled out his carbine and shot a hunter in the neck, killing it instantly. The second hunter charged for the elite, only to get jumped on and shot in the back. The prophet was in the corner shaking and praying for his life. Erag dropped his gun and began to walk towards the weeping prophet. ****not done****