anthony tony jr. was a UNSC ship captain. anthony was the captain of the UNSC shadow layer.

anthony tony jr.
weapons 2 pistol type 22-231 rocket launcher type 66-655
gender male
rank 2 captain anti air opperator
born in either 2523 or 2520
death thought;2550

anthony tony was a captain and antiair opperater, with a pistol type 22-231 and a rocket launcher type 66-655, anthony was a very skilled and smart man. his birth date is unknown, it is only known to be 2523 or 2520. his death was in 2550, he died on the UNSC shadow layer, his very own ship. Later history: when his wife found out about his death, she was sad enough that she named her UNSC destroyer the anthony jr.(the UNSC anthony jr.)